the beauty of simplicity..

as february settles down and i think back about all that's happened over this past month, i am overwhelmed at the simplicity of life.. at the simplicity of how God works. this month has been another busy month.. it seems as though the longer we stay in brasil the busier life gets. we worked hard.. construction hard.. building stuff for the camp from the begining of february straight through until Carnaval where we hosted a retreat for the youth of the city. an intense time.. but simple. wake up in the morning.. do your devotions.. eat breakfast.. get to work.. eat lunch.. finish work.. go to the river.. eat dinner.. watch a movie/read.. go to bed.. a very simple day that repeated itself for half a month. but it was worth it. the camp we were working towards hosting was amazing.. this past week we hosted a carnaval retreat for the youth of the city. the goal was to get them out of the city and into God's creation.. oh and how we did that! we had many things planned but many things just didn't work out.. not to our plan but to God's. as i look back at it it was for the best. for God used nothing more than creation itself to bring people closer to Him. we had cold showers, we laughed, we worshiped, and we shared with one another.. it was an incredible time. i was amazed that so many people connected in the way that they did.. and even on the last few days when we lost all power.. when we couldn't even pump up water for the dishes or showers the brasilians loved it.. and it's for this reason that i write about the simple life.. about going back to simplicity.. where life is simple.. God is simple.. love is simple.. it's us that complicates it.. it's us that make things stressful.. that make things seem so out of control.. for really God is in control.. and simply put life'll happen the way that He's designed it.. even when we're bathing in a river in the middle of the jungle we know that God is moving and our Lord Jesus Christ is guiding us.. we must simply follow Him.. it's truly the beauty of simplicity..

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Eleonore Wiens said...

I can see how you must be thriving in this beautiful environment, out in the middle of the jungle, doing what you love to do....being in God's marvelous creation!!! I love you and miss you my dear son!!! May God continue to bless you richly as you continue to minister in Brazil, in whatever you may be doing!!!